Mountain to Lake Creatives

Welcome to Mountain to Lake Creatives

Artistic, inspired, innovative, playful, visionary, and skilled professionals to help you produce results and achieve your dreams.

Welcome to Mountain to Lake Creatives


Mountain to Lake Creatives (MTLC) offers writing, editing, planning, and facilitation services for nonprofits and businesses.  In addition, MTLC is a maker of dog and nature-themed art and promotes other artists through its website and work. 

MTLC supports entrepreneurial thinking, spiritual unity, the rights of nature, care for animals, and social, racial, gender, and environmental justice.  

Rain and Wind Lake Michigan 10-19-13


Writing and editing services for nonprofit,                business, and commercial ventures               with Write Vision.



Calendars, Greeting Cards, and Doodlebug Productions benefiting animal rescue groups.



Need Assistance with a writing or artistic project or an event? Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!