Energy Centers Draw Creative People From Around the Country

Energy centers that draw creative people abound in this country. The land calls the mindful to be here now. One comes across such a place and instantly feels connected and at home.

One need only to wander through the mountains and high desert of Taos or other special locations in the mountains of the west to find such a place. There, nature calls one to be outside, to hike, bike or ski the peaks. There in the silence, the peace, the light, and the beauty, one connects with ancient and indigenous cultures, the earth and with the mystery of the soul and one’s inner being. The universe pulls us together in love. We are all one.

When one travels to Michigan, neighboring states or the northeast, fresh water is found in abundance and for half the year wherever one looks, the color is bright green. Water is everywhere, still, meandering, rushing. It soothes, heals, and invigorates. Swimming as Baptism immersion translates into glee, play, and effortlessly stretching muscles. To float or splash down a river on a kayak exhilarates. One finds opportunities to watch and listen to the rhythmic crash of waves on the Big Lake, or marvel how the water trickles over pebbles in a stream, or rushes like the wind over rocks. No words need be spoken.

It is meditative, Yin and Yang, to allow our souls to experience the desert mountains and places verdant with water. When we find our spirit home we are energized, channel the divine, explore our creativity, and are inspired to be better people.