2021 Landscapes Calendar

The 2021 Landscape Calendar celebrates the beautiful yet finite land we inhabit so that we may all be better stewards of its resources.  Calendar photos feature the majestic mountains and country of the southwest as well as the rich greens and abundant water of the Great Lakes area.  Check out the calendar or purchase here.  [insert link to Etsy shop]


Doodlebug Productions

MTLC folks are volunteers for Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue [insert hyperlink to GLGRR].  For the past dozen years we have been fostering as many Goldens to offer a loving environment for these wonderful, rescued dogs as the make their journey to their forever homes.  With few exceptions, all Doodle Bug photos are of these dogs that were rescued.

Greeting Cards

Enjoy whimsical and heartfelt faces of rescued Goldens and their friends.  Send to your special friends and family birthday, anniversary, ‘Just Because,” and holiday greetings that will make them smile.  These 5 X 7-inch cards are printed on high quality matt stock that highlights the colors and images imprinted.  A variety of cards are offered—some with messages and others blank and ready for your personal touch with words.  Check out the collection and ways to purchase here.  [insert link to Etsy]



To shop products and services, visit Etsy.  [What is the appropriate wording here?  Do we just put links in each of the individual products?  Isert link(s)]


When you support MTLC, you contribute to a healthier and saner world.  MTLC donates 2% of profits to animal, environmental, women’s and social justice causes.